Things I’ve done in the past week: 
Had a three-day work week
Ate dinner with a friend and ended up getting sushi for dessert
Went to the mall two consecutive evenings (obviously suffered from temporary insanity)
Watched Bridget Jones’s Diary for the first time (an odd thing, considering my love of chick flicks both good and bad)
Got a facial from a fancy spa
Had my friends over for a (very) late friendsmas dinner and sleepover 
Cooked a bloody nice roast dinner (if I do say so myself) for said friendsmas
Woken up at 3am to fly to LA (this is today, and I’m suffering)

Things I haven’t done in the past week:
Written a single. damn. thing. apart from work things (actually, for work, I’m creating a survey for product testing and it’s rather fun)
Written a blog post
Worked on TKaQ (the acronym of the working title of my story. Though at this point I don’t think it could ever change)

But that’s okay, and I’m working hard not to beat myself up over it (hey, I’m writing now, right? Also, I think I enjoy the use of parentheses a little too much but who cares, they’re useful and this is my blog, my rules.) 

In other news, this is my first time in LA and so far I absolutely love it. We got here at 9am local time and we couldn’t check into our AirBnB until 3, so we got coffee (an iced chai for me, coffee makes my acne flare up for unknown reasons), then drove all around the area for the however many hours until we could head to the apartment. The mountains are amazing, the Pacific is so…stately compared to the Atlantic (this is my first time seeing the Pacific), the buildings are great, and the vibe is so nice. 

The apartment is very decent, a good size for a family of four and nicely furnished. It’s in the Hollywood area but it’s very quiet. It’s so…trying to find a synonym for “good” that I haven’t used in the last couple sentences, haha. But having a kitchen and being able to cook your own meals is such a perk.

Anyhow. I’ve written something today, though it’s sorely lacking in content. It’s still something and I’m content with that. Heh. Two meanings of content in consecutive sentences. I’m also severly sleep deprived and my eyelids feel like they have ten pound weights attached to them. Can’t sleep yet though, it’s way too early. Time to watch Bones until it’s an acceptable time to pass out.

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