I’ve never liked the whole “new years resolution” thing, probably due to the fact that I, like seemingly most people, can never keep them. And yearly bucket lists quickly become “look at everything you’ve failed to do this year” lists. But I’d like to do things, and I want to make sure I do them. Putting them out into the universe is a little daunting but also exciting, making them tangible and (hopefully) attainable. And so:

  • Write more. Anything, everything (though my novel and this blog will hopefully take up the majority)
  • Go to the gym every. single. (week)day. Seriously, you can do this, Maia. Work pays the membership, there’s absolutely no reason not to. My body will thank me. Probably.
  • Put myself out in the world more. Experience things, come out of my shell. Be the extrovert everyone knows you’re not.
  • Travel as much as possible. I’ve pretty much got this part planned out already, but it’s still worth listing.

These are the things that will help make 2017 my year. Because it will be my year. I know it.

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