3//21 | I’m back…

What better time is there to resurrect a failed blog than when you’re holed up in your room for two weeks under quarantine? Granted, it’s taken a whole week just for me to remember this blog existed. Ah well.

Here’s the thing: I was traveling for work right as the virus became more serious on the East Coast. I’d been on four planes in as many days, with a conference of 300+ people squished in between. The chance of potentially carrying the virus was too great for me to ignore, so as soon as I got back I turned my room into a little apartment. It didn’t take much – just a microwave, minifridge, and the food to go with it – I’m fortunate to have a room with a bathroom.

I’m also lucky enough to be able to work from home. All of this great, yes, and I thought hey, I’m an introvert who loves spending time alone and doing my own thing. This will be great. What I didn’t anticipate is how insanity-inducing it is to be confined to one small space. I can’t go outside because to do that I’d have to go through shared spaces in the house. I could maybe go out onto the porch roof for some fresh air, but it’s not the most stable roof in existence and I’d rather not chance it.

I’ve read loads – maybe 20 books. I’m re-watching Criminal Minds and Disney movies. I’m playing a lot of phone/PC games and I even briefly revisited Omegle chat before remembering how horrible it is.

The one thing I would love to do is frustratingly hovering out of reach – writing. It’s the perfect time to really sink my teeth into a plot and it’s just not happening. Go figure. Today I’ll be bullying myself into doing some writing exercises from Complete the Story to facilitate at least some creative output. I know where at least some partial blame lies – the copious reading and watching. I’ve found over the years that if there’s too much fictional input there will be no creative output, even if I have ideas or current projects. Tomorrow I may have a cleanse and ban all input outside of music and that may help.

I’ve just gotten “room service” from my brother – pancakes, I think.

Until next time,

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